Stay engaged with CARE4Kane (Community Action, Research & Evaluation for Kane County), our local effort to connect higher education with the community to facilitate research, internships, and joint projects.
We invite you to engage in two opportunities with us right now:
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On October 30, 2015, the Kane County Health Department convened the initial meeting of the CARE4Kane effort.  Representatives from higher education, community organizations and local government came together to discuss how to enrich partnerships to increase research and evaluation efforts.

Participants recognize:

That To Achieve Kane County’s Vision:
     To be the healthiest county in Illinois by 2030
   We need a living and growing information infrastructure
  Faculty need opportunities and resources to advance their scholarship
  Students need opportunities for engagement in research and real world
  Colleges and universities need outlets for high-impact practices like
    undergraduate research to improve retention and degree completion
  By coming together, we have the opportunity to make all this happen!

The stated short-term goals of CARE4Kane are to provide:

Meaningful Student Experiences
A Clearinghouse Platform Connecting
   Higher Education and Kane County  – Data Projects – Evaluation - Research
Shared Data Measures for our Community Priorities
A Process to Establish Measures for Success
A Means to become a More Data Driven Community
Opportunities to Secure New Funding for Research and Interventions
The stated long-term goals of CARE4Kane are to:
Create a System that Facilitates Kane County Research Projects
Strengthen the Public Health System in Kane County
Gain National Recognition – Model Community Research
Contribute to Kane County Becoming  the  Healthiest Community in which to Live,
   Work and Play
Support a Competent Workforce
Attract Funding
  LINKS: Kane County Health Dept. Website