Communicable Disease
Kane County Communicable Disease services include:

• Communicable disease investigation and surveillance
• Community education presentations and programs
• Immunizations for children and adults
• Sexually transmitted disease surveillance and investigation
• Tuberculosis (TB) prevention and treatment, education
   and counseling

Tuberculosis/TB/Tuberculin Skin Testing
Kane County Health Department
For information call: 630-264-7665
• HIV Testing Services
   HIV Testing done at:

Open Door Clinic  Call for appointments
  Aurora: 630-264-1819
  Elgin: 847-695-1093

Renz Prevention Center
One American Way, Elgin
Contact:  847-697-1221

Visit these agencies' websites for more information about HIV/AIDS, or visit the CDC's HIV/AIDS page
• Sexually Transmitted Diseases/STD Clinics
Greater Elgin Family Care Center
370 Summit Street, Elgin, IL
To schedule an appointment or more information please call  847-608-1344    Website

Open Door Clinic  Call for appointments
Aurora: 630-264-1819   Elgin: 847-695-1093
Reporting of Diseases
Medical professionals in Kane County are required to report specific diseases to the health department's epidemiologist, so that they may be tracked and actions taken when outbreaks occur.
Medical professional can CLICK HERE for our epidemology page and more information about reporting.
Link to State of Illinois Administrative Code on Communicable Diseases
Disease Information
Visit our Diseases Page for helpful information about specific diseases.

Click on links below for pages on the following diseases:
  Enterovirus - EV-D68
  Flu - Influenza
  Legionnella/Legionnaires’ Disease
  Lyme Disease
  Pertussis/Whooping Cough
  Tuberculosis - TB
  West Nile Virus 
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades (CDC)
Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)