Public Health Emergency Response
The Kane County Health Department works daily to protect the health of the public in the event of an emergency.  Whether it is a bioterror attack or a naturally occurring outbreak of an infectious disease, the health department can activate plans to respond quickly and effectively.

The Health Department works with the Kane County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and a wide range of community partners to keep the residents of Kane County safe.  These partners represent the medical community, law enforcement, fire departments, schools, emergency management agencies and many other agencies on the local, state and federal level.
Below are examples of supplies to have on hand for emergencies:
10 Essential Items for your Emergency Stockpile:
1. Three-day supply of water, with
    one gallon of water per person
    per day
2. Three-day supply of nonperishable
3.  Manual can opener
4.  First-aid Kit
5.  Radio
6.  Flashlights & lanterns
7.  Batteries
8.  Whistle to signal for help
9.  Prescription medications
10. Battery-operated or solar
     cell phone charger
Ready.gov in Spanish
Kane County Office of Emergency Management Website
Basic Emergency Supply Checklist
Family Communication Plan
Every Business Should Have A Plan
Emergency Planning for Pet Owners
Emergency Preparedness Tips
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Includes several helpful videos
American Public Health Association
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Preparedness Month
Emergency Preparedness
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Stockpiling  Emergency Supplies

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Bioterrorism Facts & Info:
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IDPH Bioterrorism Webpage
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SNS - Strategic National Stockpile
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