Monitoring health status and understanding health issues is the first of the health department's Essential Services.

Epidemiologists monitor disease conditions, gather, analyze and interpret data on a daily basis, which allows the formation of informed policies and public health practice.

This in turn is relied upon by stakeholders, policy makers and the community at large in understanding community health. Setting policies that promote healthy living can only be done when all health factors are understood.
Information for the Reporting of Diseases
by healthcare professionals
Reportable Communicable Disease List Poster
list of diseases for use by health care professionals
Report Communicable Diseases in Kane County Poster disease categories and where Kane County health care professionals should report them
Report Public Threats in Kane County Poster
Where to report emerging infectious disease, naturally occurring outbreaks and potential bioterrorism
epidemiology chart
Healthcare Providers Section
Kane County Statistics
Flu/Influenza Monitoring
Public Health Committee Monthly Reports
West Nile Virus Surveillance
State of Illinois Administrative Code on Communicable Diseases
Community Health Improvement Plan without appendices (94 pages)
Community Health Improvement Plan complete report, with appendices 
(586 pages)
Community Health Assessment Comprehensive Databook (460 pages)