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Vaccine Information - Where to get a flu shot 
Flu Shots available at our Aurora Office
Flu shots are available, weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
at our Aurora office, 1240 N. Highland Avenue.
The cost is $25, payable by check or cash.

Vaccinations will be offered throughout the flu season, while supplies last.
Where can I get a seasonal flu shot?
Click below for a site where you can
search by zip code
for a place to get a flu shot:

Flu Shot Locator Map
Providers in the community:
Check with your own healthcare provider
for availability.

Many health insurance policies cover flu vaccination
Many pharmacies in the area offer flu shots
They are available at such places as Walgreens, Osco,
CVS and others.

Contact your local pharmacy for times and costs; they also can be located in the Flu Shot Locator Map
Federally Qualified Health Centers in Kane County
    listed HERE
Contact the one nearest you for availability
Flu Shot
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