Health Promotion Division
The Division of Health Promotion includes both the Environmental Health and Community Health sections. You will find information concerning the food program and food safety, property maintenance and well and septic systems under the Environmental Sections. Programs on tobacco cessation, Making Kane County Fit for Kids and information on Health Partnerships can be found under the Community Health section.
Environmental Health
Environmental Health Main Page
   Air Quality
      Food Safety
      Food Service 
      File a Restaurant/Food Service/Food Store Complaint 
   Lead Poisoning Prevention 
   Property Maintenance 
      File a Nuisance Complaint about a property 
   Tanning Facility Inspections 
   Septic & Sewage 
   Water - Well Inspection 
   West Nile 
Community Health
Community Health Main Page
   AOK - All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks 
   Child Care Nurse Consultant 
    Fit For Kids
   Health Advisor 

Health Advisor Services visit facilities caring for infants and/or toddlers

   Tobacco Program 

Support for those trying to quit and/or seeking to file a smoking complaint

   Health Partnerships 
  Kane County Health Department participates in the following community coalitions and groups

AOK - All Our Kids Early Childhood Networks
Breastfeeding Coalition
Circle of Wise Women
Fit For Kids
Healthy Places Coalition
Home Visitation Collaborative
Kane County Mental Health Council
Perinatal Committee

foodborne safety
Food Inspection
no smoking
Circle of Wise Women