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Healthy Places Coalition
Healthy Places
The Kane County Health Department mobilizes community partnerships
to improve the health and well being of all Kane residents.

The health of our indoor and outdoor environments
is integral to the health of everyone,
particularly our children!

The Healthy Places Coalition is an essential health partnership
to reach for the 2030 county health vision:
“To have the healthiest residents in Illinois!”
Lead Facts:
• There is NO safe level of lead in blood
• Even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to affect IQ, ability to pay attention, and academic achievement         • Lead poisoning affects Kane County children regardless of zip code, income level, race, gender, and Medicaid/non-Medicaid coverage
• 49 % of Kane County homes were built before 1978
•  In 2014, 4.3 percent of all children insured by Medicaid tested in Kane County had blood levels ≥ 5 µg/dL
• In 2014, 3.2 percent of all children NOT insured by Medicaid tested in Kane County had blood levels ≥ 5 µg/dL
• In 2014, compared to Illinois, Kane County children tested, regardless of insurance, had lower rates of blood levels ≥ 5 µg/dL. 
• The AAP recommends that health care providers provide anticipatory guidance to parents of all infants and toddlers because of normal mouthing behaviors between the ages of 6 months and 3 years.
• Parents may not be aware that their homes, work and hobbies may present a lead hazard for their children.          Frequent risk assessments and education is vital to keeping Kane kids lead free!
Why does the community need to support children who test positive for lower levels of lead?
Because we want our kids to measure up as unleaded!
The burden of Illinois childhood lead poisoning remains one of the highest in the nation. In 2014 alone, 2,279 children had blood lead levels of 10 µg/dL or greater and 18,412 Illinois children had blood lead levels at or above the reference value of 5 µg/dL for blood lead established by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Nearly 600 children in Kane are known to have blood lead levels.

These children are at grave risk for the intellectual, behavioral, and academic deficits caused by lead. The primary source of lead exposure for children is their homes; some 1 million homes in Illinois have lead-based paint hazards that can result in childhood lead poisoning. Low income and minority children bear a disproportionate burden of this condition caused by unhealthy housing. In Kane County, 49% of our housing stock was built before 1978. To raise awareness of the consequences of lead poisoning among parents and pregnant women who live in these older homes, the Kane County Healthy Places Coalition is participating in National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week October 25-31 to encourage parents to learn more about how to prevent lead poisoning.

Kane County Healthy Places Coalition partnered with 15 home improvement stores that set up eye-catching lead awareness displays that highlighted their safe level products while also educating their customers on lead prevention.

Other initiatives that bring information to our communities regarding Radon and Carbon Monoxide include Radon Awareness Month in January 2017 with participation in the Healthy Places Coalition Radon Display at all Kane County libraries; and Carbon Monoxide 2016 campaign during the colder months that spreads valuable information regarding Carbon Monoxide poisoning, preventive measures, education and awareness.
Who we are:
The Coalition is formed by participants from diverse aspects of the community, including the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Kane County Health Department, municipal governments, hospitals, fire departments, community advocacy groups, non-profits, private corporations, and many others.
What we do:
The focus of Coalition efforts is based upon a combination of two factors.
1) Health issues within the community for which
    available data demonstrates a need;
2) Health issues which coalition members identify
    as a concern of interest.
The mission of the Kane County Healthy Places Coalition is to engage all interested community members in assessing interest and issues for improving overall community health.
Speaker’s Bureau:  This group of Coalition members travels around Kane County giving 30-60 minute presentations on radon which are free for the community. These presentations are great for staff meetings and community gatherings!

Click here to request a presentation. Questions? Contact Terry Roman at 630-264-7653 or RomanTerry@co.kane.il.us
Car seat Technicians Radon Awareness Program: The car seat technician outreach program is aimed at partnering with organizations who provide training for consumers who have recently purchased a child car seat.  The goal is to have car seat technicians provide basic information to parents about the hazards of radon and how to test for it during car seat checks. Currently there are a total of 13 different organizations that are participating with Kane County in this endeavor.
Click Here to visit our Radon page
to read more about what radon is, the health risks, current radon levels in Kane County, policies, and testing information
Link to Environmental Health Main Page
Health Partnerships Home
Meets bi-monthly on the first Wednesday of every even month,
9:00-11 am

Kane County Government, Building A, Auditorium, Ground Floor,
719 S. Batavia Avenue Geneva IL 60134 
If you are interested in more information about the Healthy Places Coalition,
please email: RomanTerry@co.kane.il.us
radon test kit
Radon testing kits are available from the Kane County Health Department and the Kane County Development Office. 

Testing kits are also available at many local hardware stores.

Test kits for $15, which include certified lab analysis and postage,
are available at:
 Aurora Health Department Office
1240 N. Highland Avenue, Suite 5
Aurora, IL 60506
Hours: Monday-Friday  8:30am-4:30pm
Elgin Health Department Office
1750 Grandstand Place, Suite 2
Elgin, IL 60123
Hours: Tuesdays  9:00am-12:00pm
Kane County Development Office
719 South Batavia Avenue, 4th Floor Geneva, Illinois 60134
Hours: Monday-Friday  8:30am-4:30pm
Free test kits are available to those who are income eligible through Community Contacts, Inc. at (847)697-8800
Request a radon presentation for your Kane County community organization through our online form HERE
Download these free materials:
 Radon Testing Bookmark
  Radon Info Flyer  English-Spanish
  Radon Testing Flyer  English-Spanish
CLICK HERE for info about the Health Homes Basics App
App available on
ITunes & Google Play
Living a healthy life starts with you and your home. During June's National Healthy Homes Month, the Healthy Places Coalition encourages everyone to learn about how to keep your home healthy so that YOU can stay healthy. 

A new FREE app, Healthy Homes Basics, from the Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes offers practical how-to guidance on how to have a safe and healthy home, right at your fingertips!
On the app:
• Practical guidance on how to have a safe and healthy home
• Information categorized by home hazards & health impacts
• Tests users’ knowledge with quizzes
• Ability to share information through social media platforms
• Connects users to more information/resources
Radon Risk

Radon RiskRadon testing is now required by Illinois law for licensed child care centers and homes.  It is highly recommended that child care centers and homes promote radon testing to parents too--to make their homes safe.  This is a “Safe at child care”  AND “safe at home” approach! The best time to do this is when the center or home posts results of their own radon tests.

The Kane County Healthy Places Coalition has created the following tool kit to make it easy for child care centers and homes to encourage parents to test their homes. The Child Care Radon Testing Photo Journal Tool Kit provides a quick guide to the various action items that child care centers and homes can choose from the tool kit to promote radon awareness among parents. We hope this tool kit helps many families with children in child care settings in Kane County.

CLICK HERE for a pdf of the following Radon Testing Photo Journal Tool Kit

More information about radon on our Radon Page HERE
Healthy Places Coalition has also focused on:
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