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  11-18-15  New website digs into Kane County’s health
  11-16-15  Recall of Organic Steel Cut Oats
  11-6-15 Italian Pine Nuts Recall
  11-2-15  All American Meats recalls ground beef products
  0-29-15  Sanofi issues nationwide epinephrine recall
  10-28-15  Seafood Recall Update
  10-23-15  Seaquest Seafood Corp. Recall
  10-22-15  Seafood product recall expands to Vis Seafoods
  10-21-15  Northwest Wild Products updates recall on all Canned Seafood Products
  10-19-15  Canned seafood recall expands
  10-16-15  Garibaldi seafood products face voluntary recall
  10-13-15  Skipanon canned seafood products face voluntary recall
  10-9-15  Walk to School Continues
  10-7-15  Stop the flu - Now is the time to get your shot
  10-6-15  General Mills recalls frozen Cascadian Farm Cut Green Beans
  10-1-15  Huntley man is Kane’s fourth West Nile Virus case
  9-28-15  Dog Jog on Oct. 3rd to benefit Kane County pets
  9-18-15  Chicken Recall
  9-17-15  Cheese Recall
  9-17-15  Kane sees two more human West Nile Virus cases
  9-15-15  Prevent bats from entering a structure
  9-14-15  Recalls of cucumbers
  9-9-15  Well and Septic Seminar Sept. 30
  9-9-15  Kane County records first human West Nile Virus case
  9-8-15  Firm recalls cucumbers
  9-8-15  Seminar 9/21 to explain closed loop geothermal well installation
  9-3-15  First bird tests positive for West Nile
  9-3-15  Macadamia nuts recalled
  9-2-15  Mosquitoes near Burlington positive for West Nile
  8-27-15  Frozen Cascadian Farm Cut Green Beans Recall
  8-27-15  Recall ofJansal Valley Raw Macadamia Nuts
  8-26-15  Well and Septic Seminar Sept. 30
  8-21-15  Recall of Deep Coriander Powder
  8-20-15  More mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus
  8-13-15  Health Dept to receive Evzio naloxone dispensers
  8-13-15  Elgin TWP mosquitos test positive for West Nile
  8-13-15  Schools, organizations encouraged to apply for tobacco cessation grants
  8-12-15  Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus
  8-10-15  Dog Jog on Oct. 3rd to benefit Kane County pets
  8-5-15  MMR vaccine offered free to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students
  8-4-15  Follow food safety guidelines when preparing pig roasts
  8-3-15  Immunizations provide benefits throughout a lifetime
  7-30-15  World Breastfeeding Week Aug. 1 - 7
  7-24-15  Veal products recalled
  7-23-15  Frozen tuna recalled
  7-22-15  Kane County Animal Control Microchip and Rabies Vaccine Clinics
  7-17-15  Excessive heat advisory issued through 8 PM 7/18
  7-16-15  Salmonella concerns spur chicken product recall
  7-16-15 Chicken products recalled possible contamination
  7-15-15  NACCHO presents KCHD with two Model Practice awards
  7-13-15  Chicken products subject to recall because of possible contamination
  7-9-15  Mosquito trap near Elburn yields positive WNV pool
  6-5-15  Cold Smoked Salmon recalled because of possible health risk
  5-29-15  As the temperatures heat up, it’s time to protect against West Nile virus
  5-11-15  Health Department partners receive first-ever Sparkler Award at Leaders’ Summit
  5-6-15  St. Charles teens to promote no-smoking policy in parks
  4-29-15  Beef products recall due to E. Coli contamination
  4-28-15  Minnesota firm recalls pine nut products
  4-21-15  Blue Bell Creameries voluntarily expands recall to all of its products
  4-20-15  Conway recalling salad dressings
  4-10-15  APHA marks 20 years of success celebrating public health NPHW Day 5
  4-9-15  Building broader connections as a way to improve public health NPHW Day 4
  4-9-15  Sabra Dipping Company recalls classic hummus
  4-8-15  Improving health by building momentum NPHW Day 3
  4-8-15 Blue Bell announces recall of ice cream products
  4-6-15  Kicking off National Public Health Week by raising the grade - Day 1
  3-30-15 Smoking Cessation Awareness Month during April
  3-30-15  Walnuts & Trail Mix Recall Expanded
  3-25-15  Rankings show Kane County is 5th healthiest in Illinois
  3-25-15  Organic Spinach recall expanded
  3-24-15  More organic spinach products recalled
  3-24-15  Blue Bell Ice Cream recalled
  3-24-15  Kane County Planning Cooperative receives grant from the American Planning Assoc to combat chronic disease
  3-23-15  Amy’s Kitchen recalls  spinach products due to possible listeria risk
  3-23-15  California firm recalls coconut product due to possible health risk
  3-23-15  Company recalls walnuts and trail mixes because of possible salmonella
  3-17-15  Trader Joe’s recalls Raw Walnuts because of possible health risk
  3-17-15  Frontier Co-op recalls organic garlic powder
  3-16-15  20th Annual Kick Butts Day
  3-4-15  10th Annual African American Health Fair set for March 28
  2-20-15  Beef products recalled due to possible listeria contamination
  2-13-15  Herring recalled because of possible health risk
  2-2-15  Recall of Aloha Protein Products
  1-30-15  Firm recalls Red Thread Fish due to possible health risk
  1-30-15  Food safety at Super Bowl parties
  1-28-15  Mitigation is key to protect your family from radon poisoning
  1-14-15  Student contests promote radon awareness
  1-12-15  California firm conducts salmon recall because of possible health risk
  1-6-15  January is Radon Action Month: Now is the time to test your home, protect your health
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