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Healthcare providers are on the front lines of preventing, containing and treating seasonal flu during this flu season. In addition to regular updates on the flu in Kane County, this page provides the information and tools you need to ensure your patients have the information to make informed decisions about their health and their children’s health during this flu season.
Illinois Dept. of Public Health
IDPH Facts for Providers
CDC  Centers for Disease Control
CDC Info for Providers
HHS   Health & Human Services
Hospital Planning
Kane County Health Dept.
Flu Posters & Info Sheets
Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium
Flu Resources for Public Health Communicators
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The Weekly Kane County Influenza Reports are posted HERE
  (October through April)
Helpful Information
Kane County Weekly Flu Monitoring Reports  (Oct. - April)
are posted on our main flu page HERE
What You Should Know About the Influenza/Flu 2015-16  CDC
Our Flu Vaccine Page - with links to 2015-16 CDC documents
 CDC Influenza Mobile App for Clinicians and Health Care
Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Safety: A Summary for Clinicians  CDC 
Pregnancy and Influenza Vaccine Safety  CDC
CDC Weekly Monitoring Report for USA
Our Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus
Our H3N2v Swine Flu Page
Flu Shot
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