CHIP Income & Education Survey
Providing a service that enhances economic development and educational achievements?

The Community Health Improvement Plan/CHIP Income & Education Action Team needs YOU to share information about activities and services that are helping Kane residents to earn more and learn more!

Help us build a program matrix that informs Kane County community members about services that enhance educational and economic development of communities or individuals. 

Please help by filling out the survey below that asks for information about educational and economic services.

If your organization provides services to improve economic development and/or income, click HERE to take the Income Survey.
If your organization provides programs to improve education beyond traditional classroom instruction, click HERE to take the Education Survey.
Income & Education is one of the three priorities identified by the Kane County Community Health Assessment (CHA) that most affect the health of residents in Kane County. Low income and educational levels affect personal health across the lifespan.

Our CHIP goal is to reduce the proportion of Kane County residents living at or below 100% of poverty by 25%, by August 31, 2030. One of our strategies to accomplish this goal is to complete an environmental scan that identifies the current strengths, assets, barriers, and forces impacting income and education in Kane County. With your help and survey, this can be accomplished.
Our Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Income and Education action team will use information from these surveys to plan new interventions for income and education-related issues in Kane County. 

After completion, the matrix will be published for all to use.
If you have any questions contact Terry Roman at RomanTerry@co.kane.il.us or call at (630)264-7653.