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Turkey Basics: Safe Thawing
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Turkey Basics: Safe Cooking
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Turkey Basics: Stuffing
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Turkey Basics: Handling Cooked Dinners
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Alternate Ways to Cook Turkey
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Roasting other Holiday Meats
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Safety Guidelines for restaurant food leftovers/doggie bags:
  • Refrigerate restaurant leftovers within two hours of eating the meal
  • Label and date restaurant food and eat with 3-4 days
  • Make sure your refrigerator maintains a temperature of 40°F or below.
  • Reheat restaurant leftovers to 165°F
  • Use a metal stem thermometer to ensure the food is reheated to the proper temperature.
Food Safety Information
When preparing your holiday feasts, please remember these tips to fight the spread of bateria:
Fight Bac
Fight Bac Flyer
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