Internship Policy

Subject: Internship Program

Policy: It is the policy of the Kane County Health Department (KCHD) to collaborate with educational institutions to encourage the development of students in public health as well as areas that support public health and workers to meet the population health needs of Kane County.

Purpose: The KCHD Internship Program in accordance with the Kane County Internship Policy will build and maintain partnerships/collaborations with educational programs to promote public health as a career; and provide training in public health and related administration fields.

The Public Health Internship Program at KCHD will provide an opportunity for professional growth and development as a public health practitioner/professional, as well as prepare the intern to be an ambassador for the important work of KCHD in his/her professional discipline, work setting, or community. Positions offered to students/volunteers will be typically voluntary unpaid Public Health Intern unless otherwise noted (dependent on grant funding availability.)

This program is designed to align with the KCHD’s strategic plan as well as support the individual intern’s progress toward a career in public health.

Further, the program will:

  1. Strengthen the public health workforce.
  2. Develop KCHD’s partnership with schools (mainly focusing in areas of public health, nursing and administration disciplines) and the pipeline of public health professionals.
  3. Orient the future public health workforce to KCHD’s vision, mission, pro​grams and leadership.

Application Process:

Students and volunteers that are interested in participating in a public health internship or volunteer experience at Kane County Health Department may contact via email:

Kathy Fosser at KCHDInternVolunteer@co.kane.il.us

The subject line of your message should read:
  Public Health Internship or Public Health Volunteer

Attach the following items to your message:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter (if applicable)
  • A brief personal statement addressing your goals for the internship or volunteer opportunity (500 words or less)
  • Internship/Volunteer Application

Documents in pdf are preferred

Internship/Volunteer Opportunity


Important note: The position is an unpaid voluntary intern, unless otherwise noted.

Job Title: Public Health Intern
Department: Health
Position: Intern

General Summary: This intern position provides support to the Health Department promoting population health by providing the essential services of public health within a variety of settings.

Essential Functions:​
Although specific projects of the Public Health Intern will depend on initiatives within the Division and Section of placement during the intern’s appointment, the following list provides an idea of the scope and breadth of the intern's work:

  • Meet the programmatic requirements for colleges/universities with regard to internships.
  • Develop a work product or fulfill a specific job function.
  • Increase understanding of the field of public health and the role of a local health department in the public health system.
  • Increase program/subject-specific understanding based on the area in which interning.
  • Complete a presentation/training to KCHD staff or external partners as a means to demonstrate increased skills.
  • Support grants and programs.
  • Participate in KCHD’s orientation series and related staff development activities.
  • Plan and coordinate meetings of public health experts/practitioners.
  • Shadow KCHD staff.
  • Apply skills to goal-based projects in the range of competency areas specified by the student’s school’s curriculum.

Behavior Expectations:

  • Treats others with courtesy and respect in all interactions.
  • Responds with flexibility to changing needs.
  • Manages multiple tasks and deadlines.
  • Supports and promotes the department’s vision, mission, and core values.
  • Promotes team and organizational learning.

Knowledge, skills, abilities required:
Must be 18 years of age or older; enrolled in an undergraduate/graduate college program; possession of a valid driver’s license; proof of current car insurance; must have an executed contract/agreement with that enrolled college.

Physical demands of the essential functions:
Engages in the following movements: Climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, standing, walking, lifting, fingering, grasping, feeling and writing and repetitive motions. Exerts up to 30 pounds of force occasionally, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects.

Working conditions while performing essential functions:
Work performed in the field are subject to conditions that range from inclement weather to dangerous conditions such as snow/ice, cold, heat, noise, wetness/humidity, vibration, sudden temperature changes, and poor illumination at the job site or due to travel on the job. Travel to and from field locations may subject worker to increased risk of driving hazards. Field locations may subject worker to communicable diseases, raw sewage, immobilizing mud, food service equipment, vectors (i.e. mosquitoes and ticks), fleas and chiggers, pathogens, snakes, poison ivy, toxics, hazardous materials, chemicals and animals. May be occasionally exposed to hostile clients.

Equipment used to perform essential functions:
Computer, Fax, copier, personal or County vehicle.

Reports to: TBD

Directs work of: None

Blood borne Pathogen Risk Code:
None ___ Low ___ Medium _X_ High ___