FOIA Requests: The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a state law providing citizens with access to public records. Public records are documents produced by the Kane County and not requests for information that are not in the form of a record or document. The Kane County Health Department annual operating budget is $5,419,848 and it has 70 full-time employees. The type of records maintained include Environmental Assessments & Complaints; Restaurant Inspections; Communicable Disease Investigations; Well & Septic Inspections; Animal Control, Dog Bite Investigations; Emergency Management. The Health Department maintains files related to all the above areas. 

The first 50 pages are without charge. There is a 15 cent per page charge for every page over 50 pages. Fillable FOIA forms are available on the Kane County Government website

To file FOIA request,
attach it to your supplemental materials
and forward it to FOIA
Officer Susan Stack ​

StackSusan@co.kane.il.us ​
Phone: (630) 444-3098 ​
Mail: 1240 N. Highland Ave., Aurora, Il., 60506