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Kane County Health Matters is a series of presentations and conversations organized by our team of public health professionals at the Kane County Health Department and local health experts covering a wide range of topics such as common health conditions, general health, behavioral and mental health, and wellness. 

Kane County organizations, we welcome yo
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Upcoming Events

Click on title to register and obtain Zoom link. The Kane County System of Care also offers free monthly children's mental health trainings​ that anyone involved in the wellbeing of children is welcome to attend.

More events coming soon!

Past Events

April 24, 2024: The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children​
Passcode: wC4J*C80

March 20, 2024​: Substance Misuse and Overdose​

March 13, 2024: Impact of Trauma on Children

February 28, 2024: Parent Discussions on Substance Use Prevention​
Passcode: &a6KUvwQ​

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In this episode of the Kane County HealthTalk Podcast, Dr. Rupal Upadhyay discusses electronics use and its positive and negative impact on children's well-being. Dr. Rupal offers expert insights and practical advice on balancing screen time with other activities. We'll talk about age-appropriate introduction of screens, the efficacy of educational apps, healthy screen time limits and screen addiction. In today's fast-paced society, where parental responsibilities often clash with screen time, Dr. Rupal provides guidance that helps empower families to foster healthy relationships with technology and prioritize meaningful connection​s in the digital age.

Episode 4: Smiles for the Future: Nurturing Children's Dental Health with Well Child Center​

Episode 3: Together in Birth: Community Doulas Empowering Families​

Episode 2: Parenting During the Holidays with our Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants

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