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Kane County Health Matters is a series of presentations and conversations organized by our team of healthcare professionals at the Kane County Health Department and local health experts covering a wide range of topics such as common health conditions, general health, behavioral and mental health, and wellness. 

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​Substance Use and Trauma Webinar Series​

Join us for a series of three free webinars presented with local substance use and trauma experts from Mutual Ground of Aurora. Click on the webinar title to register for each Zoom session.

February 28, 2024 at 7:00pm: Parent Discussions on Substance Use Prevention

Parents will learn about local drug trends, why it’s important to talk to your children about substances, and how to have productive conversations on boundaries and rules regarding substance use.
Learn how domestic violence and sexual violence impacts children and adolescents, and the behaviors and emotional distress they may exhibit as a result of trauma. Best practices in treatment will be discussed.

March 20, 2024 at 7:00pm​: Substance Misuse and Overdose​

A discussion on statistics of substance use in the United States, how to identify and prevent an overdose, and treatment options. 

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Listen Here Button.pngKane County HealthTalk Podcast

Episode 4: Smiles for the Future: Nurturing Children's Dental Health with Well Child Center

​Join us in this insightful episode as we shine a spotlight on Well Child Center's remarkable initiatives dedicated to enhancing children's health. Explore the multifaceted services provided, from their integral role in WIC programs and breastfeeding support they offer for mothers and fathers to the invaluable dental services offered to children and pregnant mothers. Tune in for an engaging discussion about how this organization is making a positive impact by addressing the unique needs of families, promoting dental health, and fostering a supportive environment for breastfeeding and overall child and maternal wellness.​​

Episode 3: Together in Birth: Community Doulas Empowering Families

​Episode 2: Parenting During the Holidays with our Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants

Episode 1: Meet the KCHD staff hosts!

Kane County organizations, we welcome you to join our podcast and share your insights! For more information, email: healthmatters@kanecountyil.gov​ ​

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