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​​Category II - Certified Food Protection Manager required at all times​​

Has few food handling operations and includes facilities that routinely:

1. Hold hot or cold food for use that day, or

2. Prepare menu items that require minimal handling, or

3. Menu items requiring complex preparation are prepared from canned, frozen, or fresh-prepared foods to limit handling.

Category III 

Have few or no food handling operations and include facilities that routinely:

1. Serve only pre-packaged foods, or

2. Prepare and serve only non-potentially hazardous food such as snack foods or soda, or

3. Serve only non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages.

Proof of approved sources must accompany permit application in the form of a copy of a current inspection from a recognized health agency for commissaries located outside of Kane County. 

Applications for new annual mobile units submitted after July 1 pay half the appropriate fee.