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​Financial uncertainty, physical isolation and increasingly unpredictable crop yields linked to climate change are just some of the stressors that are fueling a mental health crisis among farmers. A recent CDC study of occupational suicide risk found that male farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers had a suicide rate more than 50 percent higher than the overall suicide rate of men in all surveyed occupations. Research also suggests that farmers have increased risk of heart disease caused in part by chronic stress and hardships from the job.​ On this page, we've compiled resources to help.

Farm Family Resource Initiative (FFRI)

FFRI is a network of support and resources for farmers and their families, including a helpline (1-833-FARM-SOS). The confidential 24/7 helpline connects you to health professionals specializing in ag-related stress. This means you are talking to medical professionals living in Illinois who can relate to the local economy, weather and other daily stressors specific to farming and our region.

In addition to text, email and website services, telehealth counseling sessions are available for those in need of additional support. Up to six individual, couple or group sessions are available. All FFRI services are offered at no cost to the farmer or farm family member with the support of grant funding.​ Visit siumed.org/farm for more information.

Avian Flu/H5N1

​H5N1 avian/bird flu is widespread in wild birds worldwide and is causing outbreaks in poultry and U.S. dairy cows with cases in U.S. dairy workers.​ Learn more.

H5N1 Guidance for Farm Workers (English)
H5N1 Guidance for Farm Workers (Spanish)​
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