​​Temporary Events Frequently Asked Questions

KCHD Food Permits and Fees

Do I need a permit to participate in temporary events?

  • ​​A Kane County food permit is required for selling or giving away food at any event accessible to a public audience within Kane County.
  • Permits are not required for vendors selling or giving away foods that are sold as prepackaged (sealed) requiring no temperature control for safety.
  • Vendors selling only non-TCS open beverages, such as beer, wine and spirits do not require a food permit at temporary events.
  • Foods prepared in a home are subject to Cottage Food Guidelines and require registration within the county in which the home food is prepared in resides. Cottage food law has very strict limits on foods sold from home kitchens. Generally, any foods with meats, poultry, fish, seafood and most dairy may NOT be sold.
  • ​If a food establishment are participating in an outdoor event on their establishment property, a temporary event permit​ is required, but there is no fee.

Does sampling require a permit?

  • ​All open sampling requires a permit. Cottage food vendors may not conduct open sampling, except when using an IDPH sampling permit at a farmer market.
  • Vendors may obtain an IDPH sampling permit for sampling at farmer markets only that is valid for 3 years. Permit must be displayed at all times. Visit IDPH Farmers Markets Guide​ for more information.
  • A Kane County food permit is required for open sampling without an IDPH sampling permit and when events are not eligible for the IDPH farmer market sampling permit.
  • No permit is required for individual sealed, packaged samples that do not require temperature control.​

Which type of permit do I need?

  • ​The type of permit depends on how frequently your business will operate in Kane County. Typically, participating in more than two temporary events, including multiple non-consecutive dates of an event series, warrants a seasonal permit. Vendors who purchase a temporary event permit in Kane County and end up participating in more events may apply the temporary event permit fees to a seasonal permit fee.
  • Temporary event permits are typically used for single events and are valid for 14 consecutive days at the same event/location for that 14 consecutive days. Mobile food and seasonal (tent) vendors usually use temporary permits when operating in Kane County infrequently.
  • Seasonal temporary event permits are for vendors who operate in outdoor events with set up on site for up to 6 months of the calendar year. 
  • Mobile vendor permits​ are for vendors operating out of a food truck, trailer or push-cart. Such permits may be annual or seasonal.

Do I need a permit to participate in a temporary outdoor event on my licensed food establishment property?

Yes, a temporary food permit​ is required, but there is no cost. 

What are the requirements for temporary event set up?

Temporary events are intended to be outdoor events requiring protective covering, handwashing, sanitizing and proper refrigeration for TCS foods:
  • ​A tent or other covering to protect food. 
  • Portable handwashing station* within the tented area or within 15 feet that includes pump soap, water, and paper towel. *Thermos with a spigot and a catch bucket (if there is no portable hand sink). This is in ADDITION to gloves.
  • Sanitizing for utensils and food preparation equipment comprised of 3 bus tubs with soap, water and food contact surface sanitizer OR extra utensils to change out every 2-4 hours or when dropped or contaminated.
  • Mechanical refrigeration for all foods requiring temperature control for safety (personal coolers with ice may be used for items no requiring temperature control (such as soda and water) only.
  • Risers, sealed bins or crates to keep all food and single use item from protected from ground.
  • Other required items include thermometers and test strips for sanitizing solution.
  • How to Properly Set Up a Temporary Food Tent (video)
  • Temporary Food Service Establishment Regulation - English
  • Temporary Food Service Establishment Regulation - Spanish​

Temporary Event Set-Up Checklist:
  • Tent: Must be large enough to cover entire cooking and food prep are​a
  • Hand washing setup: Pump soap, Papertowels, Spiggoted Thermos, Catch Bucket
  • 3 Compartment sink setup: 3 large buckets. 1 filled with water + soap, 2nd filled with clean water, 3rd filled with water and 100ppm chlorine sanitizer (100ppm chlorine= 1 tablespoon bleach for 2.5 gallons of water) and labeled.
  • ​Wiping cloth bucket : Large bucket filled with water, 100ppm chlorine sanitizer and a wiping cloth. (100ppm chlorine= 1 tablespoon bleach for 2.5 gallons of water)
  • Refrigerators: All cold foods need to be stored in a mechanical refrigerator and/or freezer.
  • Gloves: Must be worn while prepping and serving ready to eat foods.
  • Thermometers: Must be present in all refrigerators/freezers. A probe thermometer must be present and used to monitor hot food temperatures.
  • Hair nets or hats: Must be worn during food preparation, cooking, and serving.
  • Food storage: Keep all food items stored at least 6 inches off the ground.

I am organizing a temporary event, what do I need to do?​

  • ​​Event organizers should complete a Temporary Event Coordinator Form. This provides KCHD with information necessary to check permits and conduct inspections as efficiently as possible to ensure vendors can maximize their time serving event attendees.
  • Event coordinators should ensure food vendors have the proper permit and set up for serving food in Kane County.

What is the deadline for submitting a temporary event permit?

  • ​We recommend submitting at least two weeks prior. Permit applications and fees​ received within five business days of the event start date are subject to a late fee.
  • Seasonal temporary permits are not subject to the late fee.